The Onley Winelist



Chenin Blanc Culemborg,
South Africa (12,5% ABV)
Fruity South African white wine,
ideal if you prefer your whites off dry.
bottle £16.00 - glass 125ml £4.10
glasss 175ml £4.90
glass 250ml £6.10
Pinot Grigio Col di Sotto,
Italy (12% ABV)
Crisp apple flavours of Pinot Grigio
in a very easy drinking style.
bottle £16.00 - glass 125ml £4.10
glasss 175ml £4.90
glass 250ml £6.10
Sauvignon Blanc Weka Ohau,
New Zealand (12.5% ABV)
Quality Sauvignon Blanc
with passion fruit and citrus flavours,
lovely with fish.
bottle £24.00 - glass 125ml £6.10
glasss 175ml £7.40
glass 250ml £9.20
Sauvignon Blanc Tierra del Rey,
Chile (13.5% ABV)
Easy drinking Sauvignon Blanc
goes beautifully with our Risotto.
bottle £12.50 - glass 125ml £3.20
glasss 175ml £3.90
glass 250ml £4.80
Petit Chablis Domaine Alain Geoffroy,
France (12% ABV)
Lovely, crisp good quality classic Chablis
try it with our Camembert starter.
bottle £24.00
Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie Cave de La Nantaise,
France (12% ABV)
Family owned producer making delicious modern Muscadet. bottle £18.00
Albarino Veiga da Princesa,
Spain (13% ABV)
A wonderful Spanish white wine,
perfect with our Seafood Platter.
bottle £16.00
Inzolia Meridia,
Sicily, Italy (13% ABV)
Fresh zesty white wine from Sicily, a great alternative to Pinot Grigio. bottle £16.00
Riesling Jean Remy Haeffelin,
Alsace, France (13% ABV)
Delicious dry Reisling with citrus and lime flavours. bottle £26.00
Picpoul de Pinet La Decouverte, Auriel Vic, Languedoc,
France (13% ABV)
Fresh white with a tang of citrus. Lovely with seafood and fish. bottle £20.00
Viognier Vin de Pays d’Oc Comte Paul Antonin,
France (13% ABV)
Attractive aromatic French white with peach fruit flavours. bottle £18.00
Pinot Gris Weka Ohau,
New Zealand (14% ABV)
Off dry New Zealand White with ripe pear and honeyed fruit flavours. bottle £26.00


Merlot Tierra del Rey,
Chile (13.5% ABV)
Oak aged Chilean Merlot
perfect for easy drinking.
bottle £12.50 - glass 125ml £3.20
glasss 175ml £3.90
glass 250ml £4.80
Cabernet Sauvignon Culemborg,
South Africa (13.5% ABV)
Dark, soft blackcurrant fruit flavours
with a hint of vanilla.
bottle £16.00 - glass 125ml £4.10
glasss 175ml £4.90
glass 250ml £6.10
Shiraz Woolloomooloo,
Australia (13.5% ABV)
An attractive soft, spicy Shiraz
Dark brambly style fruit flavours
with some oak ageing.
bottle £16.00 - glass 125ml £4.10
glasss 175ml £4.90
glass 250ml £6.20
Rioja Tempranillo Cofrade,
Spain (13% ABV)
Very attractive easy drinking Rioja
try with our meaty pies.
bottle £18.50 - glass 125ml £4.70
glasss 175ml £5.70
glass 250ml £7.10
Côtes du Rhône Plan de Dieu Domaine Remy Bessac,
France (14,5% ABV)
A premium quality Côtes du Rhône,
rich with notes of spice.
bottle £24.00
Malbec Piedra Negra Alta Coleccion,
Argentina (14% ABV)
This rich juicy oak aged Malbec
goes a treat with your favourite steak.
bottle £22.00
Barbera d’Asti le Gagie,
Italy (13.5% ABV)
A rich smooth, Italian red from the Barolo region. bottle £32.00
Nero d’Avola Meridia,
Sicily, Italy (13% ABV)
Soft, spicy Italian red, great with our Penne Alla Puttanesca. bottle £16.00
Pinot Noir Comte Paul Antonin,
France (12.5% ABV)
Silky, light bodied red, perfect with our locally reared Pork dishes. bottle £20.00
Pinot Noir Weka Ohau,
New Zealand (12.5% ABV)
Pinot Noir from New Zealand, full of crushed raspberry style fruit flavours. bottle £26.00
Carmenere Hacienda Araucano,
Chile (14% ABV)
Rich, brambly red from Chile. bottle £22.00
Pinotage Douglas Green,
South Africa (14% ABV)
A full, rich South African red with strawberry and vanilla flavours. bottle £18.50
Flor de Aneto Tinto Douro Valley,
Portugal (13% ABV)
Rich Portuguese red, similar to a good Rioja in style,
fantastic with our Cheese Platter.
bottle £26.00


Cinsault/Grenache Rosé Terrasses,
France (12% ABV)
Light dry attractive rosé from a family estate
in Beziers in the South of France.
bottle £12.50 - glass 125ml £3.20
glasss 175ml £3.90
glass 250ml £4.80
Syrah Rosé Comte Paul Antonin,
France (12.5% ABV)
An attractive Syrah blush rosé with summer berry
fruit flavours and dry, refreshing and easy drinking in style.
bottle £16.00 - glass 125ml £4.10
glasss 175ml £4.90
glass 250ml £6.10
Pinot Grigio Rosato Col Di Sotto,
Italy (12.5% ABV)
Dry blush, easy drinking rosé. bottle £20.00
Côtes du Provence Rosé Cuvée de Lices,
France (12.5% ABV)
Stylish pale pink elegant Southern French rosé. bottle £20.00

Champagne & Sparkling White

Prosecco ‘Extra Dry’, Barocco,
Italy (11% ABV)
A lovely easy drinking bubbly.
from close to Venice.
bottle £20.00 - glass 125ml £5.100
Prosecco Superiore Asolo, Veneto,
Italy (11% ABV)
Premium quality Prosecco full of flavour. bottle £26.00
Laurent - Perrier Brut Magnum Jeroboam,
France (12% ABV)
Elegance and finesse
are the hallmarks of Laurent - Perrier Champagne.
bottle £60.00
Cava Brut Aretey NV,
Spain (11.5% ABV)
Aretey produces premium Cava with real flavour and personality. bottle £18.00

Sparkling Rosé

Cava Rosado Aretey NV,
Spain (11.5% ABV)
Rosé bubbles
with summer berry fruit flavours.
bottle £19.00
Laurent - Perrier Rosé, France (12% ABV)
The iconic pink fizz from a great Champagne house. bottle £76.00

Sparkling Red

McGuigan’s Black Label Sparkling Shiraz,
Australia (13% ABV)
Sparkling Shiraz bursting with bright red fruit flavours. bottle £28.00


Domaine Pinnacle Iced Cider,
Canada (13% ABV)
Really unusual delicious iced cider,
great with apple desserts and flans.
bottle £28.00 - glass 50ml £6.00
Manon Muscat de Beaumes de Venise half bottle,
France (15% ABV)
Like drinking freshly squeezed grape juice
with a dash of alcohol.
bottle £24.00 - glass 125ml £6.20

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